Mochilovo 2010-2012.


April 2 U.S. 43? year-old native of South Korea Van Gough opened fire in one of the classrooms Christian University "Oikos" in Oakland (CA), after it failed to find a woman? Administrator. The victims were hand seven people, three of them were injured.

March 19 unknown made a fire near one of the Jewish schools the French city of Toulouse. The victims were shooting four people, three of them? Children. The gunman fled the scene on a bike.

March 11 near the village of Zangabad Panjwai district (Kandahar, Afghanistan) U.S. forces killed and burned the body 16 civilians. The reason for the mass murder served as the death of the crew of the American armored vehicle that was blown up by a land mine. Before killing his victims, American soldiers raped two Afghan women.


Dec. 24 an elderly Italian shot from a rifle of its neighbors After another quarrel. The tragedy occurred in the small Italian town of Genzano di Lucania in the southern region of Basilicata and was ending a long dispute between the family Menkize and 77-year-old Ettore Bruchella, who delivered the inconvenience chimney of their facilities. Quarreled again with its neighbors, Bruchella took a rifle and opened fire on the street in front of the house, where there was to annoy him a consumer services. As a result of shooting serious injuries to the head of the family Menkize, and his wife and two children — a daughter and a son, each of whom, according to local media reports, it was less than 20 years old, were killed. The offender was arrested by the carabinieri, who arrived at the scene.

October 13 shooting occurred in the beauty salon in the Californian city of Seal Beach. The incident occurred inside the Meritage. Eight people were killed. The Associated Press announced that the three people were injured and are in critical condition. Suspect Scott Dekrayi gave up no resistance, he had seized a variety of weapons. As the motive of the crime charged was considering Dekrayi hostility to his ex-wife, employee lounge Meritage. According to the agency, the spouses trial was conducted over the custody of their minor son.

September 7 offender opened indiscriminate firing at a cafe Network IHOP in Carson City, the capital of the State of Nevada. As a result, three U.S. National Guard soldiers and a civilian were killed and several injured. After shooting the man on the visitors produced a bullet in you. He subsequently died.

August 7 in the village of Copley (Copley) in the U.S. state of Ohio man, the identity of which is not quoted, on the basis of a family quarrel shot five people. Then, near the site of the first incident, he killed two more people. The attacker was himself shot dead by law enforcement officers.

July 22 Norway there was a double attack, was executed by Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik. First, a bomb exploded near government buildings in central Oslo, where the prime minister's office, and after a few hours Breivik in police uniform opened fire at a youth camp of the ruling Norwegian Labour Party on the island of Utoya near the Norwegian capital. Double attack claimed the lives of 77 people. In Oslo, killing eight people. 69 people were killed on the island.

July 7 Rodrik Sontea Dantsler killed seven people in Grand Rapids in the U.S. state of Michigan. Being, according to relatives, "very excited" Dantsler shot three people in the house on the street Plainfield, four more — in a house on Braynell Court. Among the dead — one child.

Trying to escape from the custody order, the offender took three hostages in the north-eastern part of the city. After the building, which housed Dantsler was blocked by police, he shot himself.

June 19 unknown offender shot and killed four people in a pharmacy in the U.S. city of Medford east of New York City. Killed two pharmacist and two customers. The shooter escaped.

June 2 elderly man repeatedly opened fire on people in Yuma (Ariz.) and its surroundings. Five people were shot dead and another wounded, after which the perpetrator committed suicide. It appeared to be 73-year-old Carey Hal Daess.

April 9 in Alfren aan de Rijn in the 21-kilometer south-west of the capital of the Netherlands in Amsterdam man opened fire in a shopping center. The man, who looked about 25, went to the shop floor and began shooting indiscriminately, then he committed suicide by gunshot to the head. Visitors were evacuated from a shopping center, the area around the cordoned off by police. As a result, six people, including the attacker himself, were killed and another 11 injured.

March 3 in the town of Rivesaltes near Perpignan (south of France) mad man shots from a gun killed two municipal employees and one passerby. After this 78-year-old man tried to commit suicide. With a heavy wound to the face, he was taken to the hospital Perpignan.

January 8 in Tucson (USA, Arizona) meeting members of Congress Gabrielle Giffords with voters ran out of the crowd a man opened fire indiscriminately on the crowd. In the attack killed six people, another 13 injured. Giffords was badly injured. Among the dead and wounded — 9-year-old girl, a federal judge and several assistants kongressvuman.

The police managed to arrest the gunman — it was 22-year-old Jared Lofner. As a result of the psychiatric examination in May Lofner was declared insane and sent to compulsory treatment.

January 5 shooting occurred in a school American city of Omaha Nebraska. According to local law enforcement officials, the incident occurred in the school Millard High School in Omaha. Shooting, allegedly arranged a 17-year-old son of the Omaha Police Department, Robert Butler Jr.. His body was later found in a car near the school, he committed suicide.

Following the accident, two people were killed and one was injured.


July 12 former employee made a fire in the enterprise for the production of fiber-optic cable Emcore Corp. in the U.S. city of Albuquerque (New Mexico). The victims of the tragedy were three men, eight were injured.

The gunman killed himself. The motives of action 37-year-old man became a complicated relationship with his girlfriend.

June 18 unknown opened fire at one of the restaurants fast food in Southern California. According to police, a man on a bicycle rode up to the restaurant Del Taco, entered the room and two pistols shot several times, then pointed the gun on himself. The bullets hit the man, his 29-year-old wife and their five sons and eight years. According to the representative of the rescue department of San Bernardino Steve Tracy (Steve Tracey), father of the family died on the spot, the boy died in hospital. Three people, including the attacker himself, were seriously injured.

June 2 taxi driver Derrick Bird arranged indiscriminately on the streets of Cumbria in north-west England.

According to police, around 10.30 am local time (13:30 MSK) was killed by a man in the center of Whitehaven, where the offender is moved to the south.

The next victim was a farmer from the village of Gosforth, who at the time of the murder trimmed hedge. A man was shot dead in front of family members. Two more people were killed in Seascale. Several shots were fired in Egremont, eyewitnesses reported the death of a woman who was killed by a bullet that entered her in the stomach. The victims of the tragedy were twelve people, and another 25 suffered gunshot wounds. The offender has committed suicide, his body was found in a wooded area

April 19 unknown opened fire on the people, stood at the entrance of the Medical Center Parkwest Medical Center in the U.S. city of Knoxville (Tenn.). Following the accident, two people died and two others were injured. Attacker shot himself.

April 4 unknown male made a fire inside the restaurant in North Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. At the scene, four people died and two were injured. Victims hospitalized. All of the victims — men. Criminal managed to escape from the scene.

March 30 unknown staged a shooting in Washington, DC (USA). According to the head of the Metropolitan Police Cathy Lanier, the attackers started to "pour the crowd with bullets," which stood in front of one of the buildings on the streets of South Capitol Street to the south of the U.S. capital. Three people were killed and six wounded. After a long chase to law enforcement officers managed to arrest three suspects in the shooting. Four police officers to seek medical help.

February 6 a group of armed men burst into the bar Las Herraduras the Mexican resort town of Mazatlan (Mazatlan) and opened fire with automatic weapons by visitors. As a result, six people were killed. According to the police, who are investigating the attackers were three, all of them managed to escape from the scene.

January 20 victims of the shooting, which occurred near the town of Lynchburg in the U.S. state of Virginia, in which eight people.

The suspect in the shooting surrendered to police without resistance.

According to police, 39-year-old Christopher Speight (Christopher Speight) before the shot seven people in one of the houses of the village Appomattox. Another victim of an armed intruder was found on the side of the road.

State security forces launched a large-scale operation to arrest suspect, blocking him in a wooded area near the crime scene.

January 12 unknown opened fire in a bar in the Japanese province of Osaka. The incident occurred in the city Habikino in the west of the country. Shooting victim was a man. The other two injured, including an elderly woman, were hospitalized, their medical condition was assessed as critical.
The police reported that an unknown, having made a few shots at people, shot himself.

January 7 the attacker opened fire with a rifle at one of downtown St. Louis in the U.S. state of Missouri. Three people were killed and five others were injured.

The incident occurred at the plant of the Swiss company ABB, which specializes in the manufacture of products in the field of electrical engineering and power engineering.

According to preliminary reports, the man opened fire — employee Timothy Herndon (Timothy Herndon). In addition to the gun, he had a gun.

According to neighbors Shanksville, a few years ago, he mentioned some problems at work, but then the man did not elaborate on what exactly is at stake.

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