Mochische airshow at the airport in Novosibirsk (2012)

Report of Fame Stepanova


July 29 at the airfield "Mochische" took the traditional air show. This year, the festival was attended by about 50 aircraft from different cities of Siberia. About 20 planes and helicopters took part in the demonstration flights. The event attracted around 18,000 spectators.

Aviation festival was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Air Forces of Russia and the 75th anniversary of the Novosibirsk region.

Sergei Dadykin — world champion in aerobatics on the Yak-52.


Learn nick basskonst

Group flying in 6 aircraft Aeroprakt-22 (I’m in the closing second), right bearing.

Over the audience

A-22 — double ultralight vysokoplan developed in Ukrainian companies Aeroprakt.
At the airport "Mochische" is used as a training aircraft.

Antonov An-2R
The project remotorization An-2 under the turboprop engine Garrett TPE-331-10UG.

Flight of the link

Simple An-2

A fragment of the flight the day before the air show.
Everything was covered with a strong haze due to forest fires.

The door to the cockpit

Cessna 172S on the rise

The Mi-8 with paratroopers on board

The plan of the Eastern Bypass Novosibirsk, the construction of which is due to start in 2013, suggests that the route will pass through the center of the airfield (at the intersection of the bands).

What might be the talk of closing the airport after such events?

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