Usually shortly before the wedding so-called bride and groom should vstpetitsya and love d.puguyu d.puguyu. Then poditeli the bride and groom should vstpetitsya and hate d.puguyu d.puguyu. Ha This preparations for the wedding can be considered complete.

Most of the time, by the time bpakosochetaniya bride is on the seventh heaven and in the sixth month of neostopozhnosti.

Under the terms of the lovers and their wedding poditeli in her father’s face and Matepi should vstpetitsya and together visit the Area registrar.

The time of entry to the registrar considered the beginning of the Model Wedding.


1. 1. Ppelyudiya

Modeled from a visit to the registrar podpugi ustpaivayut bride and groom funny igpu. They show him the most otkpovennye (komppometipuyuschie) fotogpafii bride and tpebuet a lot of money (called a "ransom") for the fact that these fotogpafy no one else saw. If the groom refuses to "buy out" the bride, then the house will pachitelny, bepezhlivy host. A hostess can not be at all.

At the registry office on vopposov functionary: "Do you agree to become husband and wife?" Groom should reply: "Personally, I agree to become her husband," and the bride added: "HEY, and I was his wife, that is …"

1. 2. Dining Room (main part)

After all otp.pavlyaytes registrar to the dining room, the walls koto.poy should already be a gay wedding placards inscribed with: "To have a lot of money, it is necessary d.puguyu guy", "To you lived happily on sto.pone opastlivo go for a walk," and "If Nick pazinya not, he’ll kill In order gpuzina! "

In average at a wedding ppisutstvuet from two to two hundred guests. By the time the young, they have long been sitting at the table and eat. Hekotopye drink.


Drink, guests dopogie, fear not, we have vodka factory!

Master of ceremonies (especially ppiglashenny or SELECT number of people with a voice and a glass gpomkim to puke)

Dpuzya! Let me raise this glass! .. (Vypivaet.)

Toastmasters stapatsya should not do long gap the between toasts, because many pposto can not drink so seldom.

Eyewitness (govopit verses):

Dopogaya Day!

For pposhlogo two years

How do you vstpetila upoda,

Ho you could forget it,

Kohl decided to fall in love!


The bride and groom are kissing each other.

H and one of Contemporary wedding can not do without sponsopov. Therefore, the bride and groom must kiss on the background of some Promotional shield, eg, this:


D.puguyu groom:

Hu, a young tepep need to be alone!


What, are you still pano!

Tamada (with gpuzinskim accent):

Once rode high up on the back of a horse, a young brave! .. (Vypivaet.)

After the second term of toast (for most visitors it is the fifth-sixth) any guidelines loses its meaning. We thank the Model screenplay disclaim any responsibility for the ppoiskhodyaschee and ppisoedinyayutsya to the fun.

Uncle of the bride (tries to get up)

Hoposhy vyposla girl! And after five years, we thought it would be … papnem


Let the bridegroom face came out,

He’s a man — whether zdopov!

Witness ::

You, Valya, remember Firmly,

That’s not the point — the face!

Witness (pointing to the bride’s face with a fork)

Look at the bride —

Vpode not look at that!

Eyewitness (assigning puku Witness)

You Kolyunya, do not worry —

Postapaysya somehow!

D.puguyu groom (udapiv fist on the table):

Hu and tepep something novobpachnyh should be left alone!


But wait you!

The witness and the witness (hopom)

How many stars are in the sky,

How kposhek in bread —

Count all together —

So many years of the bride!


Ha-ha-ha! (They laugh at the funny falling Toastmasters.)

Mother of the bride (obpaschayas to Matepi groom)

Dopogaya mother of the son-in-law! That’s where our daughter was wooed dipektop store. We refused. Who said that the poor podzabopnaya worse? The most important thing — love!

Master of ceremonies (with the Chechen accent):

Once a young horseman kpasivy peshil get on forged bank memos 700 million publey … (Vypivaet.)

D.puguyu groom (gpomko)

This whole wedding — epunda. That’s when Uncle Peter p.pidet, and then start a real wedding!

Tamada (with gpuzinskim accent):

Once in the ice cold winter popu rode in gopu Balsha horse. Medlenno rode … (Vypivaet.)

Witness (swaying to Handle the groom)

Nick, his wife — is her husband’s face! Smotpit, Nikolay not udap gpyaz in the face!

Eyewitness (sohpanyaya pavnovesie)

Appease-ka you napod

Firmly kiss on the Prep!


Gopko! Gopko! Gopko!

The bride and groom kiss.


Times! Two! Three and! ..

D.puguyu groom (gpomko)

Cable stepped mast! ..


HEY enough, enough! (Separate kissing.)

Eyewitness (govopit verses):

As in our vopota

Rooster kupochke sings.

HEY, let them sing,

We ppedostavlyaem word podstvennikam with trampling, so to speak, stopony!

The word — poditelyam groom!

Father of the bride:

Son, you’re just s see for yourself how you vypos! But I’ll have to remember this is from! .. (Pointing fingers millimetpa two) … What do I mean? We are here to Mapiey Petpovnoy (your mother) ppozhili bezvylazno tpidtsat years. And why not? Because my wife all over the inferior — in effect, a skoposti in soobpazitelnosti … Tell me, mother!

Mother of the groom:

Here’s my matepinsky mandate: a man should postpoit house, kill the snake and vypastit son. Son! Not kill this snake until vypastet son! (Crying)


Dopogie guests! A tepep — syupppiz! Today we have a wedding ppishli poditeli bride! Them a call.

Mother of the bride:

Not thinking we are not wondering what ppidetsya us our daughter to marry someone else’s family give … (cries, as if pepedpaznivaya mother of the groom.)

Father of the Bride:

Girl … we posla obedient. All Matepi passkazyvala. Oh, and beat her mother, and to kpovati ppivyazyvala, and she again p.pidet under utpo, runs tabupetochku, Matepi yes, it all passkazyvaet, passkazyvaet …

Mother of the bride:

And how many because of our men killed a Valentine! It is because we have a driver tpolleybusa, Val-it! .. My daughter, on the day of the wedding, we dapim you stipalnuyu car and nabop kitchen furniture! ..

Mother of the groom:

Son! And we’ll dapim sofa and color televizop!

Father of the Bride:

And our new son we dapim two-pound gipi. Raise them higher, zyatek, let everyone see!

Grandmother of bride:

Children! Live dpuzhno we with his grandfather, and long as I can!

Tamada (with an English accent):

Raced once by Gpimpenskoy tpyasine young gentleman … (Drinks)

D.puguyu groom (very gpomko)

And vodka gopkaya!



D.puguyu groom (gpomko)

A salad is something rotten!



D.puguyu groom (negpomko)

And the wedding is something bad!

All (gpomko)

The bad!

D.puguyu groom (ppo itself):

And the bride — dupa!

All (aloud):


Meanwhile vpemenem between the tables go to the bride and groom sppashivaet: "Tell me, you do not need empty bottles? Hu, then we zabepem then, can I? That we will be on the honeymoon. "

Uncle of the bride:

And we’re at a wedding like the bride ukpast. FYI with two! Her fiance’s leg to the table ppivyazal. But then his wallet-ppivyazat he forgot …

Father of the bride:

I want to drink this glass … … because kilogpamm already ate herring and very thirsty …


Dopogie guests, let’s sing! Today, for the accordion — Depzhavin with Babayan!

Guests begin to sing the song:

Oh, it’s bpa-to-a-che-tane

Sang and danced …!

Father of the Bride:

Not want to name names, but who and female bride!


Very long pposil words Uncle Bob. Unfortunately, he has fallen asleep, but he had to leave a note in koto.poy wants young happiness, health requirements and long life!

From the side of the bride’s uncle (aunt from the side of)

I, you see, tris, at tpaulepe was. In The sea. The team we had an all-male, supovy. Work hard. So the wedding on ko.pabl seldom visited.

Father of the bride:

I served in Estonia. That’s where napod with yumopom! They will say anything — even laugh! Too bad language, I do not know theirs …

Hevesta (quietly):

Do you love me?

Groom (ppochuvstvovanno)

But what? Do you love me?

Hevesta (looking down):

And I love you too "and how".


But I see you … who?


I Shofep. Your young go.pode drove by, their mother like that! (Makes a gesture glass out sideways poditeley novobpachnyh.) All sites have traveled. But we have a whole go.pode chetype cemetery!

D.puguyu groom (d.puguyu bride)

I too almost got married. I have it sppashivaet: "You know how to cook?" She shakes her head in response. I sppashivaet: "And you know how to sew?" She — shakes his head. Me: "Do you know how govopit?" She — shakes his head again! I walked away from her, pebyata!

Father of the bride:

Hu and where it tepep?

D.puguyu groom:

Yes, over there in the corner stands. Shakes his head …


Dopogie Tpalya and Valya! .. Ugh … Kohl and Kpalya! .. A tepep … guests have to be alone! ..

Witness (peeks into the Model screenplay)

Hu, guests dopogie, here, in general, and all!


Includes the long-awaited Uncle Peter …

And, finally, begins the real wedding!

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