Modern planetarium opened in a school in Vladivostok

Each student is now able to Vladivostok "to go into space." Unforgettable "flight into the universe," he will be able to make a unique digital planetarium.

The only one of its kind and the most modern planetarium was opened in the city school number 6. He has no equal as far as Moscow. Planetarium in the attic of the school was equipped room with a hemispherical dome-screen that special equipment is projecting a starry sky, the sun, the moon, all the planets in the solar system.

The printed image is voluminous and very naturalistic. There is no doubt that you really are in space. To journey into the universe as comfortable as possible, around the planetarium installed soft leather chairs in which to lie down — so consider the starry sky is much more convenient.

"This unique planetarium allows you to see the starry sky from any point on the globe, to make space flight from the land to any planet in any part of the solar system and beyond, — said Sergey planetarium lecturer Dolgoruky. — It can be fully simulated flight of the spacecraft. Pledged programs simulate cosmic processes and events: volcanic eruptions, the birth of galaxies, the lunar landing module, rover’s landing on Mars, and more. It’s a real reproduction of the sky in accordance with the latest astronomical data. It made all the celestial objects that exist. And this base can be replenished ".

At the request of the planetarium can be found and his zodiacal constellation. The lecturer will understand — we can see it in the starry sky Vladivostok and when.

To Moscow is the only planetarium such a high level. Cost only specialized equipment ordered in the U.S., 12 million rubles. The director of the school number 6 Larissa Kudryashova explained that for the second year throughout the country astronomy is not listed school subjects, it is tested on the 10th grade physics course.

"Now everything related to astronomy, we will explore in our new planetarium. I think that children are the lessons will be one of the most beloved — shared Larissa Kudryashov. — And do astronomy circle that students could pursue the subject further. "

Honorary President of the Commercial Port of Vladivostok Robkanov Michael said he was very proud of the fact that in the Far East, there was the best planetarium.

"We are in this school for several years, put in order all: offices, corridors, created a modern TV studio, dance class. And now in the attic opened a planetarium and several new classrooms. Now there are enough children to learn only the first shift. With the new base and improving student achievement. Since 57% of the children are studying here as "good" or "excellent".

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