Modern Russian pharmaceutical production of insulin in the Novoural’sk (Sverdlovsk region).

Insulin-dependent diabetes — a disease that requires lifelong treatment. The presence or absence of insulin in the truest sense of the word depends on the patient’s life. Diabetes is officially recognized non-infectious epidemic and according to the WHO’s position on the spread of the third after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In the world there are 200 million people with diabetes, accounting for 6% of the adult population of the world. More than 2.7 million of them live in our country. During much of their lives depend on what is produced within these walls. 

The plant "Medsintez" works in the Sverdlovsk Novoural’sk since 2003. Today he meets 70% of the total Russian insulin market. So I gladly took the opportunity and interest to take a little tour of this enterprise.
The first thing that surprised me, because it’s a building, "dolls". Within the production "nestirilnogo" workshop to be another one — "clean." Of course in the common hallways everywhere mirrored floors and cleanliness. But the main action takes place there, behind the glass windows.

"Plant Medsintez", founded in 2003, is part of the NP "Ural Pharmaceutical Cluster". Today, the cluster includes 29 companies of different profiles with a total staff of more than 1,000 people. The plant currently employs more than 300 people.

Guests booked into the entrance, even though we were packed in protective clothing. I had to stare through the window.

Inside was dominated by female manual labor. Something laid out and packed.

And even realize what was inside all safe and manufactured medicines, still somehow not on itself.

So what are busy at work in front of those beautiful eyes?
In a nutshell, or rather in one picture, here:


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And now to the point. In 2008, at the "Medical synthesis" with the participation of the governor of Sverdlovsk region EE Rosell opening of the first in the Russian industrial production of finished dosage forms of genetically engineered human insulin in accordance with the requirements of GMP EC (certificate of TUV NORD № 04100 050254/01).

Power production area is up to 10 billion IU per year, which will meet up to 70% of the Russian market insulinov.Proizvodstvo located in the new building area of over 4,000 m². Incorporates a range of cleanroom area of 386 m², including room cleanliness classes A, B, C, and D.Na manufacturing process equipment installed the world’s leading manufacturers: BOSCH (Germany), SUDMO (Germany), GF (Italy), EISAI ( Japan).

However, a substance which is necessary for the preparation, previously had to purchase France. To produce the substance itself, it was necessary to develop its own bacteria. On it the Ural scientists took four years — a strain they patented in May 2012. Now it is up to expand production.
And now, we have shown the holy of holies — here with this substance and begins production chain.

Urals envoy, Igor Kholmanskikh and accompanying persons are listening a brief description of the workflow.

On the other side of the glass are bioreactors. All individuals are automated and only on this side.

"Live" employees can only be seen further down the production chain. Shop of the water treatment.

Drugs themselves are moved from shop to shop exclusively on the conveyors.

Here girls collect packaging and put them on the conveyor belt.

Conveyor approaches the boundary of "sterile" area with drops into the tray packaging.

With packages from the tray knocked out a powerful stream of air. Bacteria and other nasty things "against the grain" does not wade.

Next he had to run a few meters on the "sterile" area until the next "sterilizer."

There they were laid out on pallets and sent to this hefty cleaner.

Also deserted, or rather working only one operator. Trolley ride on rails automatically.

Now the last part — packing in shipping containers. Insulin is ready to go to the consumer. Not too many people, even the box lays out a terrible car for servo drives.

In Novoural’sk construct a new building, which should completely cover the need for insulin substance for the whole country. Moreover, the products will be shipped overseas — the agreements have already podpisany.Novy body will become operational in a few months. The first batch of Russian insulin entirely to "Medsintez" expect to receive in the first half of 2013 goda.Stoimost construction project of the new building — 2.6 billion rubles. Shop area 15 thousand square meters. m, of which 2 million — a laboratory. Most of the equipment will be purchased in Germany. The plant’s capacity should be 400 kg of substance per year. This, according to experts, is 75 kg more than the need of the Russi
Federatsii.Na date, nearly 2 million Russians are in need of a daily intake of insulin. Packing foreign drug costs about 600 rubles, Russian — about 450-500 rubles. After the project cost must be reduced to 300 rubles. Russian budget savings in this case may be about 4 billion rubles.

Thank you for your attention.

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