Modernization GKB № 1. Pirogov (Moscow)

The renovation of the cardiological department of the City Clinical Hospital. NI Pirogov department is already taking its first patients.

According to doctors, the case is equipped with the most modern equipment, some vehicles are purchased the hospital for the first time.

To modernize the PDB was allocated 3.5 billion rubles: 2000000000 — for the purchase of equipment, 1500000000 — for overhaul.

Currently produced 1333 units of medical supply equipment.

All repairs GKB № 1. Pirogov will be completed in 2012.

As a result of the work area number 8 housing increased by 500 square meters. m hull was equipped with ventilation and air-conditioning with the possibility of individual adjustment of temperature and humidity in each chamber. All wards were equipped with en-suite bathrooms, internet, TV.

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