Modernization has provided Kola CRH (Murmansk region) overhaul and new equipment

Kola Central Regional Hospital — the oldest medical institution of the Murmansk region. More than 120 years ago, on the very spot where her body is now located, has a medical clinic. The experience is passed from generation to generation, that’s why the hospital is called Kola source of manpower.  

Increased demands on the district hospital are explained by the fact that it is located at the intersection of federal highways. Had a disaster on the road — it is driven by the victims here. So it is in fact — and even medical outpost "in the case of an emergency." In normal operation it also has its own characteristics. District — one of the largest in the 11 municipalities, including remote, 44,000 patients, of whom 10,000 — children. The hassle at local physicians through the roof, especially now. One of the persistent problems — human resources.

 — Prepared by experts, and they are again — and went to the institutions of Murmansk — confirms the chief doctor of CRH Michael Paromsky. — On the one hand, it is encouraging: it means that there have been a good school, once they experience high demand. But residents of the area do not have to suffer from it.

Today, however, he has a reason for optimism. Over the past year, he came to work here 21 new doctor. Not far off, and a new addition. Already signed contracts with eight medical universities graduates who will join the team after the end of the internship. This endocrinologist, neurologist, surgeon, anesthesiologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist and pediatrician two.

Among young doctors is willing to go to work in remote villages. As you know, the new law on mandatory health insurance for young, up to 35 years, doctors and graduates of medical universities willing to work for at least five years in rural areas, has established incentive payments in the amount of one million rubles. Michael Paromsky reported that at least three million can already cook — the candidates are. Yet the personnel issue is still relevant.

In front of the hospital the same — regular supply of new medical technology to modernize. For example, in addition to those displayed in the three X-ray rooms Cole and two in Murmashah.


However, a significant change for the better the local patients and physicians have already experienced. No wonder the Kola district — one of the leaders in the field for the development of plans to modernize health care in 2011. Received equipment — 18 units of medical equipment worth over 11 million rubles — is already in place. In addition, more than three million directed to computerize CRH.


Specialists are trained in advance, so that the updated arsenal of medical technology is used, as necessary, in an intensive mode. Among the new things — modern devices for functional diagnostics, intensive care — respiratory and anesthetic, including portable and transport of critically ill, brand new monitors to monitor their state of health, equipment for rehabilitation clinics for ophthalmoscope. There was even a station (equipment) for remote monitoring of health of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. It continuously monitors the pulse, blood pressure, heart rate, electrocardiogram shoots. All this data is immediately fed to the console to the nurse. A patient with sleep, walk, eat — in general, is the usual (in a possible hospital) life. At the same time under the care of "heart station" can be taken once the four patients. Experts point out that with the help of the effectiveness of selection of therapy for heart disease rises to a new level. By the way, to area hospitals purchased six of these kits.


From January to the beginning of the Kola CRH act more and a new department — neurorehabilitation, created as part of the formation of vascular centers in the area, which is one of the areas of the modernization program. In this department Kole is designed for 20 beds. It helps to restore the patients who have had a stroke, paralysis. In order to assist patients in need of neurorehabilitation speech pathology, speech therapy acquired special medical equipment. In the near future will go and the other medical equipment that helps to quickly pick up on the feet of these patients.

A special pride of CRH — the volume overhaul. Here it must be said that the ability to competently Kolyan hold tenders for public orders, many would envy. The funds allocated to the municipality, was scheduled to repair two of the four floors of the district health center. By spending money came in a businesslike way: organized trades so that we have achieved a heavy cost savings. As a result, not only repaired the scheduled time, and also did the groundwork for a major upgrade of the remaining two floors. And most importantly — the effectiveness of trading did not affect the quality of the work of building materials — those that are designed for hospitals must meet stringent requirements. Got what at the perfunctory language called "meets all modern requirements."


— Repairs carried out a very worthy, — said Minister of Health and Social Development of the Murmansk region Arkady Rubin told reporters that participated in the examination of how to change the Kola CRH. — Kola region is truly one of the best in terms of the modernization of health care in the past year. Now it is important to effectively utilize Received equipment. The plans — improvement in the situation with medical vehicles, as here, it is used very intensively. The question of replacing worn-out machines for new will necessarily solve by finding a variety of possibilities.

Speaking on the immediate tasks, the head physician at the hospital turn stressed that CRH will continue to strengthen its medical facilities, focusing primarily on providing current conditions for the provision of medical care in otdalenke.

Already refurbished clinic in Tuloma and mooring. Repairs completed dental office in Ura-Guba, where in late February, will begin accepting patients: a new dental unit, the doctor will work on a permanent basis. Planned in remote villages and expansion of outpatient clinics, in particular, the base of offices of general practitioners. For example, in Mesopotamia added another doctor.

— Provide it with equipment that could travel to Mishukovo, Kilpyavr, Minkino, Ura-Guba, — said Mikhail Paromsky. — Fully renovated medical and health post in Teriberke. But there local authorities should take care to transport links between the right and left banks was normal. The bus is, but often I come back, I see that he stands as a monument. This is not the case. It is necessary to carry people to the medicine. The difficult situation in Minkin: The owner of premises, where there was a medical and health post, denied it. While FAP placed in the
club. But the problem is solved. Ministry of Health has already given us the field of mobile FAP, and we will resolve this issue. Next most important thing — the children’s department repair clinic. It will be located in a separate building, which is also in need of major repairs. Draft estimates of reconstruction has already been submitted for examination. I think that will solve the problem this year — and there is support in the regional Duma, and the Ministry of Health.

Check out the Kola CRH representatives of the regional Ministry, as emphasized Arkady Rubin, was associated not so much with the overhaul of medical institutions (its course and without constantly monitored), but with the structural changes in the organization of health care. The main purpose was to meet with the team due to a change in the status of municipal health facilities by the State budget. Similar meetings have already been held in Kandalaksha and Pechenga areas in Severomorsk, Apatity, Kirovsk. They will continue in the future.

One of the main issues of concern to all health care staff of public institutions — will not lead to innovations to lower wages?

— Not only did not decrease, but rather increase, — assured Arkady Rubin. — Now salary increases due to extra charges, for which funds were provided for the relevant areas of the program to modernize health care, including the introduction of the standard of care in hospitals and improve outpatient care. For some categories — first of all professionals working in primary care is — means this supplement laid even twice. At the level of allowances will affect the improvement of material and technical base of the use of human resources, optimization of health care facilities in general.

The head of the regional health ministry also reported another good news: October planned pay increase health workers by 6.5 percent.

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