Modernization of Agriculture Yakutia acquires real features

April 20 in the peasant farm "ASA" village Teley Churapchinsky district opened a new breeding complex for 50 heads of cattle.

It is a small country-wide event is actually one of the first practical results of the national program for the transition to agriculture Yakutia commodity production. 

Total for the State Agriculture Development Programme for 2012-2016 in Yakutia is planned to build about 50 modern livestock farms, the largest of which will be calculated at 200-400 individuals. 

On the same day in the village is connected to the work of a new transformer substation electrical cable networks "SIP". Entering this facility allows you to start the construction of houses for the villagers.  

Only in 2012, in the village of Teley planned to build 10 single-family homes. Construction will take place at the expense of the federal target program "Social development of rural areas by 2013." 

Just Churapchinsky area under this program 30 rural professionals and their families will get new homes.


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