Modernization of production KnAAPO allocated 17 billion rubles


More than 17 billion rubles of federal funds allocated for the modernization of production of JSC "Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Yury Gagarin" (KnAAPO) under the federal target program for the development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, according to the website KnAAPO.

"All the money will be spent on capital construction, technical upgrading. Implementation of this program will provide the output of the Su-35 and T-50" — quoted on the website words of Director General of "KnAAPO" Alexander Pekarsh.

It is noted that major investments will be made in the reconstruction of the plating shop. It is planned to carry out reconstruction and technical re-equipment program for the Su-35. Funds also will direct aggregate-assembly and ancillary production, a set of special coatings and airfield base.

According to the website, except for federal investment, the factory is going to use their own material and technical resources. The company in 2012 prepared a comprehensive development program "KnAAPO — XXI Century", aimed at creating the concept of further development of the company.

As part of this program, which covers up to 2025, it is planned, for example, to translate all legal documents in electronic form, to introduce modern equipment that will allow the characterization of the materials for the production SSJ100, T-50, with both static and dynamic tests.

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