Modernization of the railway junction Barabinskyi (Novosibirsk region).

Barabinsk (founded in 1893) — a major railway junction, through Barabinskyi district of Novosibirsk region runs the Trans-Siberian Railway station "Tatar-Novosibirsk".

Work on the reconstruction and repair of the old five-story building Barabinskyi station began in late 2010. After the reconstruction of the railway station was opened in November 2011. The total building area is 5900 square meters. Today, it has a completely different environment for themselves and railroad workers and passengers, and for visitors and residents. Station serves not only train, but also bus service.

  • Railroad Day (August 2012)
  • Railroad Day (August 2012)

The same was reconstructed ramp and passenger platforms — works on landscaping, replacement of retaining walls, asphalt concrete pavement. Funds for this purpose — 200 million rubles — were isolated in central and regional directorates of railway stations. 

It is difficult to imagine that a year ago on the updated station area were dilapidated houses. Today, residents of these homes have moved into a new apartment, and Station Square has become a favorite place of recreation for residents and visitors alike.

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