MOE received a new technique of Kazan, Samara, ambulance and the police Novorossiysk

In Kazan, on the eve of the professional holiday of the Russian Emergencies Ministry — Rescuer’s Day ceremony of handing the keys to the new fire and rescue equipment units Kazan garrison.

For units Kazan Garrison Fire Department received 36 units of basic and special fire fighting equipment. Among them are 27 fire tankers new generation with improved performance characteristics, 3 ladders, 1 command car, 1 car gazodymozaschitnoy service and 1 car smoke.
Center of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of Tatarstan received 4 modern motor boat models "Master 651" and "CS-701". In addition, to strengthen the material and technical base of the student volunteer fire department were transferred to the Universiade Village, fire-rescue vehicle responders and ATV.

December 26, at Saiare ceremonial presentation of the keys of ambulances to head physicians of district hospitals province. Only 67 cars distributed to all rural lebechno-care institutions that have in their composition emergency department.


GAZ and UAZ vehicles for the needs of emergency care in rural areas have reinforced system chassis and high maneuverability. Opening the ceremony of delivery of the keys to the car, the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Samara region Gennady Gridasov said it was only the "first swallows — in 2013 will be purchased by another 114 vehicles.

In Novorossiysk (Krasnodar Krai) is implementing a program to strengthen the rule of law and strengthen the fight against crime.

As part of the program at the expense of the city budget this year for police purchased 44 cars. During the implementation of programs to strengthen the rule of law are equipped and commissioned 26 strongholds police. In addition, all intra-city districts are formed and act as social organizations voluntary militias total of 1, 8 thousand people.

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