MOE received a new technique of Novosibirsk and Perm region foresters and Omsk region

On the Day of the arsenal of specialized rescue equipment AMIS refill kit hydraulic rescue tools, two sets of gas rescue equipment and two sets of diving equipment.

During the ceremony of the construction and divorce rescue units Deputy Governor Anatoly Sobolev gave the rescue and fire fighting services of new specialized equipment, purchased from the regional budget. This year, the budget for these purposes in the region has sent about 20 million rubles. They, in particular, were acquired 3 UAZ and 4 fire trucks, boat, snow-swamp, two snowmobiles, two boats, sets of rescue tools. In addition, rescue workers were handed certificates for products purchased from the federal budget (3 tanks and 6 cars UAZ).

In Perm received a new forest fire appliances. At the site "Perm forest fire center" presented the first batch of directors forestry machinery.

To date, the margin received 21 units of equipment — it’s two truck tractors (Kamaz), 2 wheeled tractor (TERRION ATM 4200), 17 off-road vehicles on the basis of UAZ. Work is underway on its acceptance.

On the basis of this technique is planned to generate the formation of 3 fire — Tchaikovsky chemical fire station 3 type (maintenance of forests in Chastinsky, Bolshesosnovsky, Osa, Tchaikovsky, Elovskaya, Kuedinsky, Barda municipal areas), chemical Kudymkarsky fire station 3 type (Kudymkar, Yurlinsky , Yusvinsky, Sivinsky, Karagayskiy, Vereschaginsky metro areas), chemical Chusovskaya fire-station type 2 (Chusovskoy, Gornozavodsky, Kizelovsky, Gubakhinsky, Lysvensky metro areas).

In 2012, the Perm Territory has received from the federal budget of 99.7 million rubles for the purchase of forest fire equipment. By decision of the Governor Viktor Basargin edge event is co-financed in the amount of 5.2 million rubles. These amounts purchased 53 units of forest fire equipment.
This is the second major update of the forest fire vehicles in the Perm region. In 2011, in agreement with the FFA for Kama purchased 26 units. She was taken to Gainy Cherdynsky and forestry, as there are concentrated inaccessible forests.

The governor of the Omsk region, Viktor Nazarov ohotinspektoram handed the keys to the new SUVs
The hunt for the poachers will be carried out in the region by vosokoprohodimoy technology. The following year, Omsk authorities are planning to buy a snowmobile.
In the Omsk region increased technical equipment protection service reserves and hunting areas.

The party of 22 cars Russian jeeps was acquired by means of the regional budget. It is intended for the Office for the Protection of wildlife. To protect the hunting grounds was purchased 8 cars UAZ Hunter, 5 UAZ 396255, 8 car "Niva" 3-door and 5-tidverny car "Niva". The total cost of the party machinery — more than 8.2 million rubles. Another 1 million — the cost of providing car video recorders, navigators, winter tires, fuel, lubricants, and other consumables.
The following year, the service for the protection of wildlife to be equipped with a snowmobile to make the agency more efficient operation. For the year ohotinspektory make about 3600 raids. Violators of hunting regulations made about thousands of protocols instituted a dozen criminal cases, seized 118 illegal weapons.


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