MOE received new equipment in 2 regions

In Kamchatka rescuers appeared multipurpose fire-rescue boat "Leader of 12M."

On June 18 it running, during which rescuers were able to appreciate the features of the new machine.

The boat was designed and built to ensure the safety of people and vehicles on the water. Since its commissioning in August 2010 in Russia was built and launched on all six of these boats. On June 1, one of them is in the Kamchatka branch of the Far Eastern regional search and rescue team search and rescue on water bodies (DVRPSO).

"The leader of the M-12" can be used to perform a set of tasks: patrol and search services, relief and rescue in distress in the water, extinguishing fires on small water and coastal facilities, rescue and towing small vessels, as well as underwater diving . On board the "Leader" — two computers are electronic tracking of all on-board systems, integrated navigation system, radar, sonar, automatic identification system of recognition of vessels, there is a satellite communication system.

The boat is designed for a crew of four crew members: the captain, chief engineer and two rescuers. To take on, it may up to 12 passengers. His main secret — it is 100% stability. No matter how the boat tossed on the waves, even if the coup, he returns to the starting position.

Boat missing opportunities to most effectively meet the challenges of all levels in the power ministry. For example, the autonomy of the ship now allows patrol and search service for three days the crew of four. On board the galley is equipped with a refrigerator and built-in double hot plate, a shower, there is an airing cupboard for wetsuits. Supply of drinking water — 100 liters. The cabin has six beds.

To implement the rescue on the water in any weather, a special design hinged sides. For taking a hit from the bank entrance and bow gangway.

"The leader of the 12 -2 M" can be used to extinguish fires in small bodies of water in the ports, where the approach to the shore impossible. On board the boat installed a portable motor pump that can put out the fire, taking the sea water. With diesel fire pump can also pump out water from the vessel in which a leak.

For underwater diving in the stern of the boat on the water level, crinoline is equipped with diving ladder and lockers for storage of diving equipment.

Two engines Volvo Penta, each rated at 575 horsepower, along with two water cannons Hamilton allow "leaders" to reach a maximum speed of 70 km / h, as well as to keep it at high tide.

June 18, the IF-4 FGKU "1 CFAA in the Murmansk region" a solemn presentation of new equipment rescue squad Murmansk (ACO). Urban rescue keys special automobile Mobicom 3032 BP  personally presented the head of the administration of the regional center Andrey Sysoev.

— Only this, in 2013, aid from Murmansk rescuers received 4,300 northerners! — Said Andrey. — And I am proud and happy that now received support and our rescuers. For the first time in the history of the hero-city of Murmansk adopted a special program for the long-term financial security of ASO. Acquisition of emergency vehicle — this is the first step in the implementation of the program.

It should be noted that Mobicom 3032 BP unique special purpose vehicle, equipped with the most modern equipment. In our country, have been in operation only two of these cars, and now the third — in Murmansk.

— The existence of this technology, equipped rescue tool will undoubtedly enhance security of the population of the city of Murmansk, — said Head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Murmansk region, Major General Vladimir Gusev vn.sluzhby.

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