MOE will receive the latest Russian-made terrain vehicles

At the end of the competition for the supply of fire-rescue tracked off-road vehicles, conducted the Russian Emergencies Ministry, JSC "ZMZ" (part of the "Group" GAS ") was declared the winner.


The company received a government order for the supply of new dvuhzvennyh road vehicles GAZ-3351, equipped with fire, medical and rescue modules that allow to help in the aftermath of emergencies, in particularly difficult road and climatic conditions. 


Articulated tracked amphibious terrain vehicle GAZ-3351 is also of interest to the tourist companies, oil and gas companies, geologists, geophysicists, energy, as well as individuals who prefer active recreation.

The machine consists of two units, the first of which includes a 6-seater passenger cabin with better insulation, allowing it comfortably placed at ambient temperatures from -50 ° C to +40 ° C. The interior is independent heater Webasto, walled enclosure are made of reinforced fiberglass. Sound and heat insulation provides a special type of foam.

As a second-level terrain vehicle may be a passenger module loading platform with a payload of up to 1.4 tonnes, fire, health, forest patrol unit, etc. You can create a repair and maintenance module, a module with welding equipment, etc. High reliability is ensured by using terrain vehicle Steyr diesel engine capacity of 183 hp M16 and 5-band automatic transmission Daimler W5A 580.

In the steering wheel is used, so drive the car as easily as a car. The use of rubber tracks, reinforced with nylon cord, allows the car to travel on public roads.

High throughput is guaranteed to drive both parts of the machine tracks, low ground pressure, the possibility of folding the links without changing the traction and speed. The movement afloat at a rate of up to 3 km / h is provided with caterpillar drive. Dimensions terrain vehicle — 7260h1970h2400 mm, ground clearance — 350 mm. Wading depth — up to 8 m dead weight — 4730 kg gross weight — 6730 kg. The maximum speed on the highway — 55 km / h

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