Mogoytuysky Industrial Park in the Trans-Baikal region will assemble tower cranes in 2011


Read, January 17. Mogoytuysky industrial park in the Trans-Baikal region intends in 2011 to launch the first productiontower cranes, shoes, clothing, and household appliances.

In the industrial zone built office building, hotel, hostel, a water tower, boiler, supplied with electricity. The construction of several industrial buildings, laid sewer lines, carried out excavation work on laying pipelines and water heating systems. In 2011, the first to be started production.

On the industrial zone will house dozens of companies with Russian and foreign capital. The main activities of the enterprises should be the construction and assembly of automotive engineering, electronics and electrical equipment, agricultural machinery and other industrial products from parts and materials supplied from abroad and the Russian regions, as well as the production of building materials and the processing of agricultural products based on local raw materials.

Regulated industrial area of the lot area of 4.5 square kilometers. Maybe its expansion. The nearby Trans-Baikal Railway, federal highway Chita — Zabaykalsk linking the regional city with the largest land Sino-Russian checkpoint Zabaikalsk — Manchuria.

The project cost is estimated at 2.5 billion rubles — 350 million rubles from the federal budget, 150 million — regional, the rest — extra-budgetary sources.

Will be located in the industrial area and 30 enterprises with annual output of more than 10 billion rubles, create up to 5 thousand jobs.

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