Mongolian coal goes through Nakhodka


"Eurasia Nakhodka Commercial Sea Port" has begun shipping the next batch of coal ship c Mongolian Tavan Tolgoi. Coal will be shipped to the ship «Ikan Tambak» for transportation in India. 

In January this year, the first shipload of the ship «Oriental Beauty» was delivered from Nakhodka to Japan.
The representatives of the Mongolian Energy Resources LLC, which operates the Tavan Tolgoi, confirmed their intention to deliver to the port from 20 to 70 tons of coal per month with a further volume growth.

Evraz has become a major partner of "Energie resource" for handling coal for export, in partnership with the Railways supply chain delivery of coal by rail from Mongolia to Russia and then by sea to the south-east Asia.


"Eurasia NCSP" is optimal for this task: the port has the technological ability to accept both large and small shipments, accumulating it for further loading on ships. The depth and length of berths allow you to take seagoing vessels with a draft of 11.2 meters, with deadweight up to 50,000 tons.
Total reserves of coking coal deposit Tavan Tolgoi, located in the Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia, is estimated at 6.5 billion tons, of which 40% is a high-calorie coal, used in steel production.



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