Monthly electric bill at 3 pounds — is this possible?

Monthly electric bill at 3 pounds — is this possible? It is interesting

When it comes to improving the effectiveness of the energy consumption, for most people an incentive related to their own finances, will be most effective. No exception and family from Britain, decided to fully adhere to "carbon-free" lifestyle. This in turn helped the couple Fish decent save on electricity bills.

Of course, it turned out to save more and delay, for a start had to be spent for the purchase of water heating system powered by solar energy, the purchase of stoves for burning wood and solar panels. But it did not take long, and now the family is spending to pay for traditional electricity bills not more than 5 U.S. dollars (R3) a month.

Continuing to rely on clean energy, Dan and Jane Fish purchased a car, which also runs on solar power. His small, but still significant role in the fight against global warming is the fact that the family itself is growing fruits and vegetables, trying to adhere to environmental technology. Those who know the couple, long dubbed them for it "the greenest pair of Britain."

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