Monument Shurik and Lida established in Krasnodar

In Krasnodar, a monument to the heroes of the comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai Shurik and Lida, and through them to all Russian students.

The opening of the sculpture took place on April 30, about the building of the Kuban State Technological University.

Participating in the ceremony were the Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar region Galina Zolin and the mayor Vladimir Evlanov. "In Krasnodar, there is not enough monuments generals, war heroes and work, great people, the saints. But there are those who create a unique aura around them, become places of attraction of many visitors and tourists, give rise to new traditions ", — says Galina Zolin.

The authors of the sculpture were members of the Union of Russian Artists Alan Karnali and Valery Pchelin. Monument Shurik and Lida is made of bronze, its height about 1 meter 85 centimeters. In the architectural structure captures a frame from the film, when Lida goes briskly home, holding open synopsis and Shura had been looking at her notebook. 

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