Monument to Ilya Muromets opened in Vladivostok

Monument to Ilya Muromets opened in Vladivostok. Location for the sculpture chosen Admiral’s Square in the city center, next to the chapel of St. Andrew, the arch Tsarevich Nicholas and memorial complex "Battle Glory of the Pacific Fleet."

The sculpture is made in the workshop of the artist Konstantin Siberian Zinichev and is a gift to the public Krasnoyarsk Vladivostok.

Residents of this Siberian city, who served in the frontier troops in the Far East, Vladivostok proposed to erect a monument of military glory in honor of the defenders of the borders of the country. According to them, the image of Ilya Muromets represents not only military prowess, but also moral ideals.

Ilya Muromets Zinich depicted in the guise of a saint, but not epic hero. The sculpture is made in accordance with the canonical way, which can be seen on the icons.

Especially for the consecration of the monument in Vladivostok was brought relics of St. Elijah’s Cave (Murom). At the time of the blessing of the ark with the relics of the holy defender of the Russian land placed at the monument, and were then transferred it to the church of St. Andrew.

To the saints of the Orthodox Church, Ilya Muromets was added in 1643. During his unprecedented heroic power and victory over the enemies of the fatherland Ilya Muromets is revered as the patron saint of the Russian army on a par with George. His sculptures are also planning to soon set atop one of the hills in Vladivostok, ITAR-TASS reported.

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