Monument to Lomonosov established in Marburg


Monument to the outstanding Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov established on October 26 on the campus of Marburg (Germany), informed the head of Center for the Study of Russian at the Russian House of Science and Culture ("Russian House") in Berlin Olga Vladimirov

 "The monument depicts Mikhail Lomonosov in his youth. The figure is cast in bronze, its height — about two meters, in the hand of Governors — a smaller version of the building of Moscow State University, "- said Vladimirov, who was present at the unveiling.

According to her, the event was a lot of pupils, representatives of the German and the Russian public.

As the Vladimirov, sculpture mounted forces charity "Dialogue of Cultures — United World", from the German side and work on the installation of the monument led by the Chairman of the Union of Russian language teachers Lückel Wilhelm of Hesse.

Lomonosov, the name given to the Moscow State University, studied at Marburg in Germany and in Freiberg. Freiberg, he studied mining and metallurgy in the well-known throughout Germany Mining Academy. At the University of Marburg three years he studied chemistry, mechanics, hydraulics, physics. In addition to the Natural Sciences and Lomonosov studied literature.


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