Moon the engine has completed interdepartmental tests

Samara. 25 April 2012 — In past Friday engine NK-33A completed the cycle of inter-test (MVI).

April 20 at stand number 1 separate division "Vintay" successfully passed its fourth and final firing test of NK-33A program MVI. Motor tasks without 157.5 seconds. Total running for four start-up was 600 seconds.

Further engine NK-33A will be a cleaning cycle will be broken up, prodefektirovan and presented to members of the Interdepartmental Commission for a final decision on the results of the tests. Past April starts the engine NK-33A — a significant step in the implementation of the ROC "Soyuz-2-1b" using reserve engines NK-33 and deployed in the enterprise production of new engines NK-33A for the Russian space program, as well as for potential foreign customers.

"Within six weeks Interdepartmental Commission will decide on the admission of serial production of NK-33A, as well as for flight tests. However, we can already speak of a positive result: the engine has proven itself in trials under various conditions and the installed capacity, "- said the chief designer of" Smith "Valery Danil’chenko.

The engine NK-33A, is a modification of the product NC-33, developed in OKB Kuznetsov’s 40 years ago for the Soviet "lunar program." State tests of new equipment at JSC "Kuznetsov" was conducted over the last 25 years.

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