Moon the engine has successfully passed the next test

Samara Plant "Kuznetsov" was successfully held a regular job testing engine NK-33 to test complex "Vintay."

The engine NK-33 was created in the early 70s to the Soviet "moon" program. However, after the United States first landed on the moon, the program turned. At the same engines and documentation have been saved.

Engine without fail, as expected, he worked 40 seconds. Assessing the results of previous tests, the executive director of "Smiths" Yuri Eliseev said that NC-33, despite the fact that it was nearly forty years since its inception, fully meets all the objectives for the development of space.

Now the cost of the "moon" of the engine a few million dollars. "Kuznetsov" conducts pre-training and debugging NC for the U.S. company Aerojet (Aerojet), which will set him on the rocket Antares (Taurus-II). Also, the engine will be used in the Russian space program for the project "Soyuz-2-1b."

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