Moons Child


Moon's Child
19.11.03, the



Dr. Richard Kall claims that in 1969 the astronauts "Apollo-11" brought a piece of moon rock, in which there was a human fetus. More than 24 years NASA strictly concealed this information, as long as one of the lab is not stolen artifact and gave him to explore the South African geologist. The last six years, Dr. Cull studied the rock with the fetus in her laboratory in Durban. A scientist has determined that the age of the body has approximately 200,000 years, the fruit — the feminine, and the parameters of the brain show that the adult creature could have been much wiser to modern earthlings.

Dr. Cullen said that the results of many studies clearly show that the aliens, whoever they may be, are able to travel through time. 200,000 years ago, they visited our planet and the moon. Found the fetus is also proof of the human mating with an alien race. Dr. Cullen and thinks over what another sensation hidden from the public by NASA and the governments of various countries.

The research results of Dr. Calla interested ufologists who distribute this information through the internet with a picture of "moon child."




































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