Mordovia farmers get grants for the construction of

livestock farms

For the implementation of the departmental target program "Support for beginning farmers in the Republic of Mordovia in 2012-2014." From the budget of the Russian Federation in 2012 was 113.9 million rubles allocated from the budget of the Republic of Mordovia 24.2 million, total 138.1 million.

By convention, this program includes 120 farms, 122 participants were novice farmer who develop sheep breeding, pritsevodstvo, bee-keeping, fish farming, horse breeding, gardening, mushroom growing, etc. 40% of members are engaged in beef and dairy cattle. At this destination allocated 55 million rubles. The average size of the allocated grant was 1 million 132 thousand rubles (maximum grant of 1.5 million rubles).

In 2013, on the implementation of the program allocated 38 million rubles of federal funds and 6 million 745 thousand rubles — Republican, the tender committee selected 55 farmers, the average grant size 802 thousand rubles. In the framework of the program "Development of family-based livestock farms (peasant) farms in 2012-2014." Built 26 family livestock farms, participants received 245 million rubles.

In the current year allocated 82 million rubles, and the construction of six dairy farms 690 cows, 3 — beef to 300 head, 1 horse farm on 100 mares, 1 sheep farm for 230 ewes, 1 poultry farm for the production and processing of meat turkey.

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