More and more companies recognize the reality of risk from global warming

More and more companies recognize the reality of the risk of global warming Facts

Seeing how much more severe and unpredictable climate has become over the past decade, many companies and businesses are seriously concerned about the fact that climate can affect the success of their activities.

More than one-third (37%) of the surveyed firms believe that a changing climate can cause them physical harm to the here and now. Until two years ago, this figure was only 10% of respondent firms. 81% now agree that climate risks are presented to business activities, keeping supply chains and planning. Last year, this opinion only 71%.
Last year, 68% of companies have always taken into account in their business strategies, such as climate. In the current survey is 78% admitted that the climate has become a significant factor in the operational strategy of the company.
This growing concern the influence of climate on production and other components of a successful business does not even need to explain. After all the facts, consisting of real financial loss companies is more than obvious. And plan their activities, just be foolish not to pay attention to risks that may arise from climate disaster.
Yet, understanding the importance of the introduction of "green" technologies that can counter climate change, such as warming, companies do not always resort to them. For mass participation of firms in the process, they say, lacks legal dorabotannosti issue and support from the state. And the current success in reducing the level of CO2 in 2009 to 14% can be explained only by the fact that the global economy fell into a state of crisis, and not the fact that companies have become more to protect the environment. By the way, this reduction is comparable with the termination of the 227 nuclear power plants operating on natural gas.
In reality, a third of the companies do not see an upward trend for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. and some decide not using environmentally friendly technologies, and by reducing production. And only 1% of firms in the future, there are goals to tackle green manufacturing process. And to ensure that global temperatures began to rise no more than 2 degrees per year are positive plans must be at least 4% of the companies.

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