More grain country!

Near Moscow Machine-Building Plant "Tonar" in February introduced the articulated tractor-trailer, the maximum amount of grain Thonar-9540.

A new modification of the tipper lorry convoy expanded line couplers Thonar-9540, successfully operating in the transportation of grain, gravel and coal. Due to the maximum dimensions (length — 20000 mm, width — 2550 mm, height — 4000 mm) body capacity trains increased to 72 cubic meters of which 31.5 cu. M falls on the first section of the grain truck and 40.5 cu. m per second. The sides of the tipper lorry convoy met with a ribbed profile and enhanced conics — to provide the necessary rigidity. This is particularly Thonar allowed engineers to increase the strength of the body structure while reducing its steel. Load capacity trains presented to guests at the towing vehicle hitch Thonar — 6428 is 57.5 m

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