More than 1,200 students and school children took place in 2012 in the industrial practice of dry

More than 1,200 university students, school children and students of technical schools and colleges were held this year work experience at the company "Sukhoi".

In EDO "Sukhoi" In summer, 214 students from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Chelyabinsk. As a result of the practice of 19 people were registered to half the rate in units of the design office.

At the company’s factory Komsomol — KnAAPO them. YA Gagarin aircraft manufacturer became acquainted with the profession of 375 students of Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Technical University and other universities. Practices at the company have also been 251 students of the Lyceum of the local aircraft manufacturing and 142 students Polytechnic College. At the plant in the summer holidays working students. This year there were 265. Here they received their first paycheck in his life.

At the Novosibirsk aircraft plant (NAPO. Chkalov) production practices were 19 students in the target program studentov1-goy-2 aircraft gokursa faculty of Novosibirsk State Technical University.

They are familiar with the production and performed work on making a single electronic database «Teamcenter» routings. 78 high school students sponsored distributors association working papers, archivists, and helped in the shops. They got the work books and her first paycheck.

The system of temporary employment in the NAPO there for three years. This year, the company failed to provide work for everyone — there were more than 200, so to determine the best schools in a competition.

Passage by students practical training in enterprises "Dry" is part of a comprehensive program of targeted training of young professionals. Thanks to the over 10 years of activity, the company replenished by young qualified engineering staff. Young professionals are actively involved in the implementation of priority civilian and military programs, and in some areas play a leading role. For example, their share in the number of engineers Sukhoi exceeds 30 percent. Work with young people in aviation holding are considered particularly important in solving the problems of innovative development.

The company has a system to attract, secure and professional development of young professionals. The scientific and practical conferences, developing cooperation with partners, subcontractors, specialists are trained mid-level management within the production activities are organized competitions "The best young manager holding" and "Best in the specialty", etc.

Is working with the students of specialized universities. Each year, in conjunction with the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), the Olympics are held on aircraft for high school students. Winners receive grants to study with employment in the business units. Create a group of targeted training of studentov3-gokursa MAI. Similar competitions are held and production plants in Novosibirsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Students are holding enterprises manufacturing practice, allowing them to learn from the advanced experience of creating new models of aircraft. Under the programs motivate students to universities and technical schools stipend and salary while working part-time at the company.

Young professionals annually participate in the competition for the best scientific and technical work. The company and its production plants are actively working tips of young professionals. Were factory and common gatherings of young people holding enterprises.

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