More than 14 thousand contractors WEST successfully completed a course of survival

More than 14,000 contract soldiers serving in the Western Military District (WEST), of which there were about a thousand women have successfully completed an intensive training course that includes elements of survival, said Tuesday the Deputy Centre for combat use of missile and artillery training center inter-WEST Dmitry Balti.

"Contract soldiers have been exposed to some regulations, carry them with dignity, almost excellent evaluation," — he said at the time of check-integrated lessons of the final stage of basic training, with the survival rate.

Women throwing grenades, firing a machine gun and throw themselves under the tank

According to the press service of the cooling zone, a six-week training courses, in particular, held in Leningrad, Murmansk, Novgorod and Yaroslavl regions. Of the 14,000 contract for almost two thousand were called to a collection point for the military service of stock, in addition, the exercise involved about a thousand women.

"No concessions military women we do not. They carry on general terms of the tasks they handle … on the positive evaluation, and can beat some men," — said Beltz.

The six-week course includes four weeks of theoretical training, where officers are given the knowledge of the intelligence, tactical, fire, engineering and special training. Also enhance their contractors for radiation, chemical and biological protection. In addition, they were given the theoretical skills of orientation of the compass, the use of the landscape, a fire using available tools and cooking in the wild.

Later, all these skills soldiers used during the practical sessions. In particular, they performed forced marches from 50 to 150 miles on unfamiliar terrain in the absence of roads and settlements with the overcoming of natural and man-made obstacles.

Course participants should have autonomous reconnaissance and combat training in the difficult conditions of forest areas, and the attacks of subversive groups. Also, the course provides the organization of base camps and overnight in cold conditions, overcoming the assault course.

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