More than 2,200 NGOs in Russia receive foreign funding

More than 2,200 non-profit organizations in Russia receive foreign funding, of which tested more than a thousand organizations, said at a meeting of the Presidential Council on Human Rights Prosecutor General’s Office spokesman Alexei Zhafyarov.

"More than 2,200 non-profit organizations receive funding from abroad, of which we have tested about a thousand", — quotesRIA NovostiZhafyarov words.

Of the 1,000 NGOs were recognized as foreign agents 22.

The representative of the Prosecutor General‘s Office said that it was not only a test of organizations acting as a foreign agent, it was more broad. He added that the results of its Attorney General’s office has drawn up proposals to improve the legislation.

"On inspection results reported to the Attorney General at the Council of the Federation" — reminded Zhafyarov.

At the end of 2012 in the Russian Federation enacted a law that requires foreign-funded political NGOs to register as foreign agents. The first in this list included non-profit partnership "Promoting Competition in the CIS."

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