More than 2,600 young specialists will prepare Omsk Navy training center in the winter training period


In December 2011, the 242 training center of the Airborne Troops (VDV) in profit last soldiers to train in various specialties. The total number of young specialists training center Airborne intended for training in winter training period in 2012 to reach more than 2,600 people.

Based on the general needs of younger professionals in the Navy, the major share of students are of the driver airborne combat vehicles (the first, second, third and fourth generation) — 2200 students. The second highest number of combat gunner guns — nearly 180 people.

The educational process in the 242 Airborne Training Centre is distributed in three categories: for conscripts (who arrived for the preparation of the military commissioners) for soldiers who came directly from the units and Navy, for contract servicemen who arrived for additional training in the field.

Preparation of conscripts will be held in three stages: the improvement of the military training received prior to the call, combined arms training and preparation for the professions terminated finals.

Preparation of contract servicemen, most of whom are already experts, carried out in two stages, the main of which — the additional training courses in their specialty.

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