More than 20 ships of the Northern Fleet perform tasks in landfills in the Barents Sea

  • Teachings of the Navy

More than 20 warships and support vessels of the Northern Fleet (NF), including nuclear and diesel submarines, perform combat training missions in landfills in the Barents Sea. Here come the navy as part of the final inspection for winter training

— In the winter training period in 2012, compared to the same period of last year, significantly increased the intensity and quality of combat training of all our associations and connections — said the commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev. — Actions of naval forces at sea show a high willingness to seamen to perform assigned tasks.

Actions warships provide naval aviation, naval auxiliary vessels and control of search and rescue operations SF. Only in the performance of combat training tasks involved more than 3,500 people of the personnel.

In the Barents Sea landfills crews work out joint maneuvers, the actions of the search, tracking and conditional destruction of the submarine, amphibious landings, repel attacks by air of defeat. Surface ships of the Northern Fleet has already completed about 300 combat exercises using practical weapons, including artillery, missile and torpedo firing, practiced setting and sweeping sea minefields

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