More than 29,000 female soldiers in military service in the Armed Forces


Currently, the Armed Forces of the Russian military service runs over 29,000 female soldiers. Of this number, one representative of the fairer sex has the rank of major-general, over 1,600 are serving in the ranks of the senior and junior officers, among whom 15 are colonels.


Approximately 3.5% of female officers hold primary positions of command, and the rest — are in jobs that are not associated with the command of units and perform duties as staff officers, medical professionals, and financial services, Signal Corps, etc.


This was reported Press Service management of Press and Information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Women — soldiers of the Russian army


The only woman in the Russian army with the rank of Major General Elena Knyazev

Among the officers females over 60 have the highest operational and tactical military training, 900 — full military-specific, and more than 900 — have been trained in the military departments of civilian higher education institutions.


In addition, more than 8.3 million women are ensigns and occupy key positions in the departments of communications and logistics.


About 19 million women in military service under contract as enlisted men in practically all types of aircraft and military branches, formations, formations and military units.


In 2012, for the faithful performance of duties 22 female soldiers honored with state awards, more than 4.5 million — are awarded departmental medals of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

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