More than 300 new cars per year were part of the Amur military TSB

Carport military units TSB stationed in the Amur Region, in 2012 added more than 300 modern wheeled vehicles. 

Within gosobonzakaza in 2012 to the military units and combined arms combining Eastern Military District (OIE), deployed in the Amur Region, received more than 300 pieces of heavy vehicles. This heavy-duty three-axle vehicle KAMAZ-53511 and KAMAZ-53504 with trailers and cars NefAZ "Ural-4320" with power engine. Technique is intended for transportation of people, goods, weapons, ammunition and special equipment.

In addition, get the technique of logistics — the transportation of food to the car GAZ-3307 (including refrigeration units) and fuel KrAZ-260. Also fleets of military units joined the buses and minibuses of GAZ and PAZ.

On all motor-vehicles supplied by manufacturers warranty is given at least 3 thousand kilometers.

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