More than 5,000 Turkish citizens have applied to study in Russia for

work at the plant Akkuyu

The Commission of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey for the selection of candidates for training in Russia in the field of nuclear physicists has received applications from 5,440 people, of which only one will go to Russia, told RIA Novosti spokesman Energy Minister Mehmet Arik.

"We have finished accepting applications from our citizens who want to study in Russia, a total of 5,440 people have applied. Among them we will select one hundred students, who will also attend MiFi"

— he said.

According to the representative office, just to work on the nuclear power plant "Akkuyu" will receive specialized education in Russia 600. To date, 117 have lost the habit of Turkish students. He added that the interest in learning Russian for Turkish citizens is huge, and the ministry is quite the way it goes.

Education core specialties of Turkish citizens to work at the plant "Akkuyu" under the city of Mersin in southern Turkey is provided by a Russian contractor for Turkey could operate the station itself in the future.

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