More than 5 thousand sailors visited the Northern Fleet on long hikes in 2012

In the past year, more than five thousand sailors of the Northern Fleet (NF) participated in long marches with the performance of tasks in the Barents, White, Norwegian, North Sea, Kara Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Laptev Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.As part of combat training of more than 20 ships and vessels SF left astern of more than 200 thousand nautical miles, the crews performed several hundred combat exercises, including missile and artillery fire, minefields, worked for combat coordination and interaction with connections to the ships of other navies part mezhflotskih groups.

First, in 2012 he published a long cruise ship aircraft carrier group (CAG) SF led by heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov". At the beginning of the ships CAG successfully completed the tasks in the areas of the North-East Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

One of the most important campaigns of the SF ships in the past year was a record for the duration of a campaign of large anti-submarine ship (BPK), "Vice-Admiral Kulakov", incapable of safeguarding the security of the civilian shipping in the Gulf of Aden. BOD crew spent 159 days at sea and took more than 29 thousand nautical miles, custody dozens of civil courts of foreign countries have successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo to destinations.

Successfully solved the problem of long cruise ships and the Kola Flotilla of diverse forces — army composed of large amphibious ships (BDK) "Alexander Otrakovsky," "George" and "Kondopoga" acted within the United mezhflotskih groups in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

Did not go unnoticed, and the forces of SF in the Arctic. Tasks long hikes in the Arctic during the past year served more than 10 ships Federation Council, including the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Peter the Great".

Commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev, summing up the 2012 academic year, stressed that all the tasks assigned to the Navy, met and received high evaluation of the Western Military District Commanders and Navy of Russia.

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