More than 50 billion rubles will send RZD for scientific exploration to 2015

For the period 2015 to invest in a brand new equipment and technology, OAO "Russian Railways" plans to seek more than 850 billion rubles, including 50 billion rubles for the development.

II International Forum "Transport science: innovative solutions for business" began its work in Moscow. "His work is intended to be an important step in the integration of Russian and international railway science," — said at the opening of his first vice-president of "Russian Railways" Vadim Morozov.

The main issue discussed on the first day was the application of scientific advances designed to improve the efficiency of rail transport.

"Many innovative solutions in the fields of informatization process of transportation, service quality management, monitoring, plant and equipment and manufacturing processes have been implemented JSC" Russian Railways ", — said Vadim Morozov. Company, together with the leaders of the Russian railway industry, has made significant progress in creating new rolling stock : passenger locomotives, mainline and shunting locomotives, launched the program of revival of the Russian diesel engine.

The volume of investments in fundamentally new techniques and technologies to annually increase. For the period 2011-2015, for these purposes will now seek more 850 billion rubles, including more than 50 billion rubles for the development. JSC "Russian Railways" — one of the few Russian companies, which corresponds to the average world level in terms of investment in research and development activities in the sector of activity.

The dynamic development receive automated transportation management system and car fleet based on modern information technology and communication systems. By the beginning of 2012 in the railway network of JSC "Russian Railways" exploited over 14.2 units of rolling stock, more than 36% of the total, devices equipped with satellite navigation.

To improve the efficiency of use of the infrastructure provided for the development of logistics technology and increasing containerization of cargo.

"By developing its own innovative technology," Russian Railways "stimulate the development of key industries in Russia", — said in his speech, the first Vice-President of OAO "Russian Railways" Valentine Gapanovich.

The forum participants noted that the railroad transport as the main transport system of the country, put more ambitious targets for the development of growing volumes of traffic and transport maintenance of growth of the Russian economy.

The solution to these major problems hampered the slow pace of development of the railway infrastructure and its already apparent lack of capacity and carrying capacity — recalled the director general of "VNIIZhT" Boris Lapidus. According to his estimates are now around 30% of the transmission lines that provide more than 80% of all freight, actually ran out of reserves bandwidth.

To solve this problem, scheduled major increase of the resource and the level of infrastructure reliability and performance of the rolling stock. In particular, the introduction of innovative electric 2ES10 for the first time in the history of "Russian Railways", allows you to carry through the Ural Mountains train weight of up to 7,000 tons. In addition, the domestic manufacturers developed and certified a number of innovative high-capacity freight cars with reduced life cycle costs and increased turnaround.

The most capital-intensive and significant strategic challenges to be addressed in the modernization and development of infrastructure. According to the Strategy of development of rail transport by 2030 ground handling heavy trains will exceed 13.8 thousand kilometers.

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