More than 55,000 seedlings transferred to Sochi National Park

Seedlings were taken from the nursery to grow rare and endangered plant species of the Western Caucasus.

Trees and shrubs, including rare species now grow in protected areas. This is another in return for compensation of the forest fund of plants, cut down on the territories of Olympic construction. Under the compensatory measures from the beginning of the year in the national park were planted chestnuts, boxwood, maple, apple, cherry, pear, walnut trees, fig. Recovery of green space in Sochi conducted by a factor of 1 to 3, that is, instead of each felled tree planted three new ones.

Now the Olympic greenhouses equipped with a modern system of irrigation and drainage, grow new seedlings, transplanting of which will be held in 2013. It flowers, trees and shrubs 70 species. Almost all of the plants are indigenous inhabitants of the Western Caucasus.

Thousands of seedlings of rare species of plants were planted in 2012, responsible executives and contractors of Olympic construction. Performing "green" commitment, the company had a landing in the city of Sochi and the Sochi national park. Thus, the forces of "Russian Railways", which is building a combined road and railway "Adler — SCC" Alpica Service ", from the beginning of the year planted more than 150,000 plants, which include species listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. However, about 7,000 plant builders main thoroughfare Olympic landed in the city.

Another example. Employees of the company responsible for the construction of the ski and biathlon complex, Mountain Olympic Village and other facilities, in 2012, transplanted from construction sites in the protected zone of 5,000 seedlings of rare species of trees. Among them — the chestnut seed and apple East. The trees are planted in areas remote from the construction zone and some of the Scientific Department of the Sochi National Park.

As part of the environmental actions employees of companies come in young forests on Saturdays. The task of the staff — weed and loosen the soil around young plants to clean it from fallen trees, repairing fences that protect young stems of forest dwellers.

Currently, the program is formed compensatory landings in 2013. Tens of thousands of plants will be planted to compensate for the damage caused by the construction of the plant world. Thus, the developer for the hotel representatives of the International Olympic Committee will land in certain areas by the resort more than 400 pine seedlings pitsundskoy.

Carrying out compensatory measures, as well as care for the plants planted, will continue in accordance with the draft compensation measures developed under a forest development plan for the period of the Olympic construction. In addition, for five years after the landing of the builders the 2014 Olympics will be watching and take care of young trees and shrubs, followed by green spaces will go to the balance of the municipality or a national park.

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