More than 700 children will be four new kindergarten in the WANO Moscow

During the first quarter of 2012 to the east of Moscow commissioned four new kindergartens, reported in the capital construction department. 

  • new kindergarten in Samal.  Perov
  • new kindergarten in Samal. Perov

New buildings preschools are located in the Amur Golyanovo Street, 18, Perov in the street Perovskaia 42A, as well as on the street. Luhmanovskaya, ow. 21 in Kosino Ukhtomsky and Izmaylovskom travel, ow. 5-7 in Izmailovo.

In a short time, these institutions will be able to take more than 700 young Muscovites. According to the targeted investment program in Moscow for 2012 — 2014 years, only East district built 15 new kindergartens total capacity of 2,540 seats.



The building of a kindergarten at Izmailovo pr-d, ow. 5-7 is for residents Izmailovo is not only practical, but also symbolic. This kindergarten is built on city land, which previously held the proverbial "Cherkizovsky market", and its appearance means that from now this area will serve the needs of area residents, making their lives more comfortable.


New kindergartens will be in areas Veshnyaki (Alley Zhemchugovoj, 5, Bldg. 3) Kosino Ukhtomsky (street Medvedev, 6A; Kozhukhovo, md. 9, Bldg. 310, str. Vetluzhskaya, 4A) , Novogireevo (Union Avenue, 7), Perov (St. Vladimir 1st, 14A), the Transfiguration (Bolshaya CHerkizovskaja, 32), North Izmailovo (Schelkovskoe highway, ow. 88, str. 15 I-Park, 40: Shchelkovsky pr-d, 1A), Mount Falcon (street Utkin, etc. 39B).


For reference. In 2011, in the Eastern District opened 7 new kindergartens which are currently enrolled 1340 children. In 2011, all in kindergartens in the district completely eliminated.

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