More than 80 ships of the Russian Navy are now in the seas


More than 80 warships and support vessels are now at various points of the oceans, told reporters on Friday in St. Petersburg Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation, Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

"In recent years significantly increased the intensity and duration of the tasks of military service, the geography of the long sea voyages. Currently in the sea at the same time, there are over 80 warships and support vessels of the Navy," — said Teals.

According to him, this month completed the task successfully detachment of Royal Navy warships in the Atlantic. The guided-missile cruiser "Moskva", a large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" sea tugboat "Eugene Choirs" and tanker "Ivan Bubnov" unofficial visit to the ports of Cuba and Venezuela, and the cruiser "Moskva" was first realized in the passage of the Panama Canal Pacific with calls at ports of Corinto (Nicaragua) and Balboa (Panama). 

Teal added that the detachment of warships of the Northern Fleet led by the heavy nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser (TARKR) "Peter the Great" is currently performing an important task in the presence of areas of public interest in the Arctic, in the Northern Sea Route. In his words, "just yesterday" was completed icebreaker wiring of this unit ships with four atomic icebreakers.

Also, he said, the group of ships in the Pacific Fleet missile cruiser "Varyag" tanker "Boris Butoma" and the tug "SB-522" August 28 is in the sea and perform an important mission in the south-western Pacific Ocean. During the campaign is planned to take part in international exercises naval forces of the Asia-Pacific Region "ADMM-Plus" as well as the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy.

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