More than a dozen schools of Novosibirsk region received new buses

The Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Yurchenko on Friday handed over the keys to 13 new school buses directors rural schools.

New school buses PAZ-32053-70 sent to schools district, equipped in accordance with the technical requirements for the transport of children.

Seven new buses will be used to replace the old transport, two — for the opening of new routes and four more — due to the increase in the number of pupils on existing routes.

The region for the transport of students open 463 school route, stretching in one direction more than 8 thousand miles. More than 10 million rural students get with the help of a new transport in their educational institutions.

"Only through the federal and regional budget this year purchased and transferred to the place of 19 slots and 30 GAZELLES," — said the press service.

Seat belts, armrests, a shelf for portfolios. The driver with the experience Sergey Chess in such comfort is not working.

Would be expensive … Last year, 27 students Ust-Chemskiy school who live in neighboring villages — missed a day of knowledge. Track washed away.

Oleksandr Tymoshenko, the mechanic school in. Ust-Chem, "a neatly. Now, according to our … God grant access to the village, to show its clean, neat. And then we will wash. Already savvy not to wash cloth and buy art. "

To bring order to the district roads are needed even millions — billions of rubles. Alone — the regional budget — do not pull. Try to solve the problem if possible.

Vladimir Nikonov, the minister of education, science and innovation policy of the Novosibirsk region, "the order of 350 million rubles — from the federal budget, but more than that and provincial money is allocated each year to the plan and the roads in the countryside anyway, we are trying to do."

In the Novosibirsk region today, more than ten thousand children are brought to class by bus. Many live in villages where there are no schools. Ungraded schools were closed, with the introduction of per capita financing. The regional authorities claim that this is no longer in the plans. But as it became known Vesti, this year at least one school had ceased to exist — in Ust-Tarkskom area, are going to close the elementary school in Kupinsky.

Buses to transport children in basic schools is not enough. In Chistoozernoe on lessons from the villages bring more than forty students. Old bus barely cope.

Olga Timoshenko, director of the school in the village. Chistoozernoe: "Places — 22. We have an old bus was 15, had three flights do. Now, two will be laid, so we will be saving even — for fuel. "

These buses — the final chord. Program for 2011 in the region met in full. Nineteen new keyway, thirty Gazelles. Schools, which are in dire need of machines — got them.

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