More than a thousand bronekostyumov for soldiers arrived in SOUTH

MOSCOW, Jan. 23 — RIA Novosti. Fighting protective clothing (UPC) "Permian-O", which can save the military from bullets and shrapnel, went into special purpose units and Reconnaissance of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), told reporters Monday press service chief, Colonel Igor SOUTH Gorbul.

Defense Ministry plans under the state defense order to purchase up to 100,000 UPC for the army. Earlier, First Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin said that was purchased by a limited batch of protective suits French developers "Feline" for testing in special units of the army, but later evidence of the purchase of such a party did not appear.

"In the framework of the state defense order, Southern Military District received more than one thousand sets of combat protective suits" Permian-O "… First of all military equipment to go on special purpose units and Reconnaissance Military District", — he said.

According Gorbulya, high and bulletproof ballistic protection over the entire area, including the legs and arms, as well as its user-friendly design allows the soldier to easily move around and perform combat missions.

UPC "Permian-O" is designed to protect soldiers from small arms round protection from shrapnel shells, mines, grenades. The structure of the UPC consists of 20 items: protective overalls, body armor, helmet, vest-transport universal "unloading", goggles, camouflage winter set, sweater, boots, underwear, and other items.

A soldier can carry continuously fighting set for 48 hours at temperatures ranging from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

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