More than one million hectares of spring crops planted Samara farmers

Spring field work completed in 2013 in the Samara region. To date, Samara farmers have planted more than one million hectares of spring crops. The pace of the sowing campaign in 2013 is much higher than last year, noted in the regional Agriculture Ministry. In the 14 districts of the region completed the sowing of spring crops.

As of May 16, 2013 planted 590 hectares of spring cereals, legumes and perennial grasses, and industrial crops — more than 405 thousand hectares, including sunflower — 370 hectares, flax oil seed more than 24 thousand hectares. Continues late sowing of spring crops (millet, soybeans, buckwheat and corn).

In specialized farms planted nearly 7 hectares of potatoes and planted 1.5 hectares of vegetables.

"In our area, the spring sowing campaign coming to an end — the head of department of agriculture Pohvistnevsky district Yefremov. — Left doseyat buckwheat, sunflower and corn. In the district is working on putting into circulation of uncultivated farmland. This year, plans to introduce two hectares. "

Measures of state support per hectare of cultivated area to stimulate farmers to enter into circulation vacant land. During the year, is scheduled to enter more than 200 thousand hectares of uncultivated farmland.

Agricultural enterprises in the area of fallow fields being prepared for sowing of winter crops currently processed 91 thousand hectares.

In the fields of area events are conducted on chemical plant protection. To date, herbicides processed 107 thousand hectares of crops.

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