Moscow: a great invention, shrouded in mystery



Moscow: a great invention, shrouded in mystery

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Professor Simon Potapov, doing vortex tubes, decided to try to use them to make a device for cooling water. But it turned out that the water is not cooled but instead is heated. Slightly changed the design, and we've got a vortex generator.

This generator is unique enough that its existence is still questioned. Efficiency of the device exceeds 100 percent, which is considered by many scholars to contradict basic laws of physics. And yet, it is patented in Russia, France, and some other countries. Make it safely, and he works with might and main, giving the warmth of the people. In Moscow, several heats the house in the center. In Moldova, where the inventor is working, the first who dared to mount the installation was Fitskansky monastery. And for several years, monks receive hot water from these plants.

But what is remarkable? To be honest, inventors and developers themselves do not fully understand where and by what turns this high performance claims. It is assumed that due to cavitation. It looks like this: under high pressure in a special tapered "snail" Cyclone "pumped water. If you decrease the flow rate increases. Turning the spiral vortex is formed in the water. Downtown" snail "is set brake — pipe, diverting pressure — due to thus creating a negative pressure inside the vortex is cold and boiling — the so-called cavitation. Cavitation bubbles collapse — as a result of the energy is released and the water is slowly heated.

It must be said that the heat source is examined to RSC "Energia". It even made a special clear generator of quartz glass to see all the processes taking place inside. Of the act, signed by the Deputy General Designer, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Nikita: "Tests have confirmed teplogeneratorov their high efficiency compared to other types of heaters. Perhaps we are dealing with a phenomenon where the net effect is much higher than its components. Overall, the installation for heating liquids using a heat source Potapov economical, environmentally clean, have a large safe life (not less than 15 years) and do not require special water treatment. We do not know kinds of products with high consumer properties and the prospect of application. "

But some heat generators the story does not end there. Around the same principles Potapov built several devices with the same stunning performance. Including — car engine, which also runs on water, environment-friendly and has great efficiency.

His experimental model in Chisinau. Four-cylinder engine has a capacity of about 30 horsepower. In the cylinders under high, more than 400 atmospheres pressure, heated water is injected. In a sudden drop in pressure and rapid cooling, it is divided into components — hydrogen and oxygen. Causing an explosion.

Interestingly, as the pistons in the same engine running water which flows in the explosion from one cylinder to another and produces mechanical work — rotate the shaft. During the explosion, the gas mixture is converted back into the water again becomes a piston. It is a vicious cycle. Water consumption is minimized. And there is no exhaust at all. To run it, however, requires a small amount of fuel, which is used as gas, such as propane. But just to run. Next the engine is running on water.

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