Moscow ABM system will be upgraded, said the Ministry of Defence

MOSCOW, April 24 — RIA Novosti.The missile defense system (NMD), intended to protect the central industrial region of Russia, including Moscow, will be upgraded and will soon be supplemented with new elements, told reporters Wednesday, Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko.

"It (the Moscow missile defense system) will not only modernize. So I guess, and the plans are, we will incorporate new elements into the system," — he said. The deputy head of the Ministry of Defense said that at present the works on putting on alert radar station in Armavir.

"We have developed an ideology and a sequence of productions on alert a network of stations," — said Ostapenko.

Moscow ABM system is designed to reflect the limited nuclear attack on the Russian capital and the central industrial region. Its development began in 1971, and in 1995 adopted the system. Currently removed from service to intercept long-range missile, and their silos preserved.

RIA Novosti

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