Moscow and Minsk signed a contract to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus

"Atomstroyexport" (JSC "ASE", the company state corporation "Rosatom") and the State "Management of construction of a nuclear power plant" (Belarus) signed a contract agreement for the construction of reactors number 1 and 2 nuclear power plant in Byelorussia.


On the part of the customer contract agreement signed by the Director GU "Directorate of the Nuclear Power Plant" Mikhail Filimonov, by general contractor — President of "Atomstroyexport" Alexander Glukhov.

According to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, "this is a great achievement," and it is "worth it for Belarus." He expressed his gratitude to Russia for the fact that "it kept its word, despite the terrible pressure from all sides."

"We’re still going to build a nuclear power plant, the more we have already done much on the court on its own", — said the President.

The first Belarusian nuclear power plant planned to be built under the project "NPP-2006" of "St. Petersburg" AEP ". On this project is currently under construction Baltic NPP. The design with the maximum design earthquake (MDE) 7 points on the MSK-64 scale, as well as protection against a variety of external influences.

The project AES-2006 uses four channels driven security systems, overlapping, localization device melt passive heat removal system from the containment system and passive heat removal from the steam generators, hydrogen removal system, double containment of the reactor building and other technical solutions . None of the existing plants in the world is not equipped with such a configuration of security systems.

To organize the station selected Ostrovetskaya site in the Grodno region. The first unit of the plant is planned to be operational in 2017., The second unit — in 2018. The total capacity of nuclear power plants should be up to 2400 MW. General Contractor — Russian company "ASE".

The parties began negotiations on granting Russian state loan for the construction of the station. Belarus expects to receive 6.7 billion dollars

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