Moscow arms factory GC Survey Systems

At the VIII International Exhibition of Arms "Nizhny Tagil — 2011" were successfully demonstrated the combat capabilities of the newest model ORSIS T-5000, produced by Moscow arms factory GC "Survey Systems".


In March 2011, the Group of Companies "Survey Systems" starts commercial production of hunting, sporting and tactical rifles with manual re-charge the outstanding accuracy, as well as replacement and ballistic caliber barrels from 5.6 to 20 mm.


The plant is located in Moscow and is staffed by a unique machine park, which include 30 manufacturing centers for various purposes with software and numerical control (CNC). According to the accuracy of rifles ORSIS significantly outperforming the most common sniper rifles. Moscow factory area exceeds 3000 m2, the total number of employees — about 100 people. State GC "Survey Systems" staffed with highly constructional, engineering, operating and management personnel.

The enterprise carries out scientific research and experimental development in the field of development and modernization of the modern high-precision weapons systems. There is cooperation with specialists from Russian research institutes and technical colleges in the field of metal, materials, design and development of small arms.

The project is the creation of high-tech weapons production was supported by the National Federation of precision shooting, which experts are involved in the development and testing of its products.

Moscow arms factory GC "Survey Systems" — the first European manufacturer of precision rifled barrels using the technology of single-pass cutting on CNC (computer numerical control).

"We are the only company in the world that uses similar technology on an industrial scale", — said Head of Public Relations arms factory of the Group of Companies "Survey Systems" Alexander Kostin.

On the production of GC "Survey Systems’ technology uses two approaches to making grooves — it dornirovanie and" technology champions ", which is represented on these guns — the so-called tapestry planing (or forward-cutting cutter). Both technologies provide nearly ideal geometry of the bore and surface finish. Produced by this technology stems every right are a work of engineering art.



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