Moscow beautiful

Breathtaking views of the capital from the bird’s-eye view — the 25 best photographs.

Traditionally, May Day celebrations cities across our vast country transformed. As if waking from hibernation, they are painted in bright colors of the first of greenery and flowers, sunshine sheds new light on the back of buildings and reflected on shiny skyscrapers, squares and parks open their doors again and start beating fountains. Particularly beautiful at this time of Moscow, which takes a solemn parades with many foreign guests. Walks in Moscow at the time delivering a lot of fun, but the most stunning views from the air.

In this article, we have collected the best photos of the project "Views of Moscow"With incredible views of the beautiful capital of the bird’s flight.

Stalin skyscraper on Kudrinskaya Square at dawn.

The building of Moscow State University at sunset.

Trinity Tower and the building arsenal.

The complex Moscow-City, North.

Evening traffic on the bridge Berezhkovskii.

Moscow and Raushskaya embankments.

Andrew Bridges and Crimea.

The view from the tower of Mirax-Plaza: Moscow city and the territory of "Big City".

Victory Day Parade on Red Square on May 9.

Construction cranes at Moscow City at dawn.

The picturesque view of the bridge with Karamyshevskoy waterfront.

Stalin skyscraper on the coast waterfront.

Salute May 9 Victory Park.

Moscow City in the summer.

Best view of the Moscow City with Dorogomilov street.

Komsomolskaya Square (Square of the three stations — Leningrad, Yaroslavl, Kazan).

Bell Tower of St. Sophia.

Railway stations in Moscow.

St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Great Stone Bridge.

Stroginsky bridge Stroginsky Bay, Shchukin peninsula.

Berezhkovskaja embankment.

Vasilevsky descent, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Spasskaya Tower.

Helicopters over Moscow on May 9 Victory Day parade.

The historical museum at night.

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