Moscow collects first record corn crop

This year, in the suburbs of southern assembled high yield crops — maize grain.

The management of JSC Plemzavod "Barybino" Domodedovo urban district, the largest agricultural enterprise, Moscow region, has decided to no longer buy expensive goods in the south. Experiment on the cultivation of maize grain was carried out for about three years.


As a result, in the harvest of 2011, JSC Plemzavod "Barybino" with an area of 400 hectares harvested 4,070 tons of maize. Yield of the crop in bunker weight was 101.7 kg / ha.

Green corn for silage with an area of 1 400 ha received about 48 thousand tons with a yield of 342 kg per hectare.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Government of Moscow Region Nikolai Savenko said: "Such a significant result contributed to the fruitful work of collective painstaking breeding plant JSC" Barybino ", its CEO David Gulko Mikhailovich with specialized research institutes, Moscow region, as well as a German consulting firm" Trisdorf Consult "for testing corn hybrids of domestic and foreign selection."

"This achievement, — said Mykola Savenko — a welcome for agro-industrial complex of the Moscow region, as having its own grain of corn in the field of animal husbandry contributes to the winter complete and balanced pet food, to optimize at the expense of their own forage rations of high-yielding dairy cows."

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Moscow Region

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