Moscow enthusiasts restored the IL-14

Fans of reconstructing vintage cars, has long been no surprise, but their work is admired by many connoisseurs. Especially hardly leave anyone indifferent recovery of the whole aircraft.

Plane IL-14 was developed in the late 40’s, and was operated from 1950 to 2005 (in 1986, was discontinued their repair). At this point in the state of airworthiness are two cars — IL-14, "the Soviet Union" RA-0543G, refurbished enthusiasts from St. Petersburg and Il-14T "Penguin" RA-1114K, restored Moscow fans.

The first flight of the revived "Penguin" was held on October 1. Photo report of the event can be Learn view participant recovery and a private pilot Andrei Ivanov. Here we limit ourselves to only one photo of IL-14 in flight:


And here is a photo taken in the recovery process by Alexander Popov (the entire photo spread can be view his blog)



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