Moscow has increased the number of grants in education

Grants to the best schools in the capital in 2013 will be twice as much.

Rating schools in the capital, on the basis of which has been two years in Moscow, grants are awarded to the best mayor, was recognized quality assessment scale. Until now, there were 85 such grants, and yesterday at a meeting of the Moscow government decided to double the number — up to 170.

  • Photo: Sergey Kuksin / WP
  • Photo: Sergey Kuksin / WP

But their size and reduced by half. As a result, 20 schools will now be able to get 7.5 million rubles, 50 — 5 million, 100 — 2.5 million. The money, said the head of the Department of Education in Moscow Isaak Kalina, schools will be able to use both to further improve its logistical base and to encourage the best teachers.

 By increasing the number of grants, said the head of the department, they will become more accessible to a larger number of schools. Reduction of the same size due to the fact that due to the increase in the quality of education in the whole city results in many of the schools are increasingly converging. And they, too, should encourage closer. But the grants, as well as the rating itself, but rather a consequence of the tremendous work that the Moscow government is engaged in the field of education has been for two years. During this time, all of the capital’s schools are equipped with the latest computer equipment, and the buildings of educational institutions are repaired. The new principle of funding when the money goes for student help lagging schools, in which no one had been on, or raise your level to the top, or just join in the composition of the best. Markedly increased, and the average salary of teachers. If in 2010 the capital‘s teachers received by 39.2 thousand rubles, now — 64.1 thousand.

The result was important, for the sake of what, in fact, all this was started — the alignment of the conditions for student learning. And it could not affect the quality of their education. Isaak Kalina noted with satisfaction that in the city every year more and more students get a perfect score on the exam. If in 2010 the students who have scored 220 points in three subjects had less 7000, then for 2012 they became more than 13,000. And both of the schools themselves, in which at least five students have shown such a result is doubled to 656. It’s almost every other metropolitan school.

Moscow is now well represented in the course of the All-Russian Olympiad subject. Among its winners this year came 84 young Muscovite from 50 schools in the capital. There are no results in any other city in the country. And in Moscow itself in the last year the results were only 74 students from 44 schools. "A considered whether our ratings parents, determining their children to school?" — Asked Sergei Sobyanin. "Of course, ‘said Isaac Kalina. — The higher the school site and the rating, the more willing to learn from it."

By the way

Another 50 grants for 2013 were set yesterday for the best achievements in creating a decent environment in educational institutions implementing the program of pre-school, general, primary vocational education and supplementary education for children, developing environment. The size of these grants — 2,000,000 rubles. [/ Cut]

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